IDF says Hamas has 6,000 rockets, dozens of them long-range

The IDF releases a backgrounder on Hamas’s and Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s arsenals.

According to the report, Hamas has more than 1,000 locally-made short-range (15-20 km) rockets, 2,500 smuggled rockets, around 200 self-produced Grad rockets, and an equal number of smuggled Grads.

As for medium- range rockets (45 km), Hamas has around 200 locally-made improved Grad rockets, and 1,000 smuggled improved Grads.

Hamas also has over 400 locally-produced medium-long- range rockets (up to 80 km).

The group also has dozens of long-range rockets (100-200 km).

In total, the IDF says, Hamas has an arsenal of around 6,000 rockets.

Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad has a smaller but still significant arsenal- around 2,400 short-range rockets, 800 medium-range improved Grads, and over 100 medium-long-range rockets.

Other terror groups have hundreds of short-range and dozens of medium-range rockets.

The groups also have thousands of RPG-7 rocket launchers, hundreds of mortar shells, dozens of guided anti-tank missiles, dozens of advanced anti-tank missiles, and thousands of explosive devices, says the IDF.

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