Jerusalem protest disperses, former aide to MK among 2 arrested

A group of anti-government protesters have dispersed from Paris Square in Jerusalem after splitting off from a march earlier tonight and clashing with cops.

Israeli Police say in a statement that they arrested two protesters, one of whom they suspect of hitting an officer over the head with a wooden pole at a protest a few days prior.

The police statement adds that the protest occurred at the same time as legal rally coordinated with law enforcement at Liberty Bell Park, and says that its forces are operating in that area as well.

Labor MK Naama Lazimi says a man seen being forcibly arrested by police at the Jerusalem protest is her former aide Yiftach Dotan.

Lazimi, who was pushed around by police at a protest on Monday, accuses cops of using “extreme and harsh violence” to detain him.

She says she is leaving Tel Aviv, where she had taken part in a protest sit-in, and heading to the police station where Dotan is being held in Jerusalem.

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