Jewish terror suspects to meet lawyer for first time

The attorney representing the two teens nabbed in the second round of arrests for Aisha Rabi’s murder says he has reached a deal with the Shin Bet security service in which he will be allowed to meet with his clients for the first time tomorrow morning.

Adi Keidar, from the Honenu legal aid group, had submitted an appeal against the Shin Bet order barring him from meeting with clients since their arrests on Saturday night, which was slated to be brought before the Lod District Court today. The deal saw him drop the appeal in exchange for the Shin Bet agreeing not to extend the order which was set to expire Tuesday anyway.

The three other suspects in the probe who were arrested last Sunday went nearly a week without seeing their attorneys until the Shin Bet’s order expired Saturday night as the two other suspects were being arrested.

Israeli law allows authorities to delay by up to 21 days an attorney visit for an individual arrested in a security-related crime.

— Jacob Magid

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