Kadima head slams PM for ‘displaying helplessness’

MK Shaul Mofaz criticizes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that “his talk of peace and security fell apart.

“The terror attack yesterday was a slaughter that reminded us of other dark periods. We are in a religious war, and Netanyahu is displaying helplessness,” he tells Ynet.

Unlike Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch, Mofaz says the violence in Jerusalem is a direct result of the summer Gaza conflict.

The former defense minister maintains that the terrorists are not operating individually, but rather that “Hamas is running things and building itself anew in the West Bank.”

He calls for better intelligence and a crackdown on operatives in East Jerusalem. If the police lack the resources, Israel should send in the IDF’s elite units, he maintains.

“In past years, Israel has abandoned East Jerusalem from a security perspective. There has been no operational activity or intelligence. How many arrests were there…? As we sit and speak, they are planning the next terror attack.”

Mofaz adds Israel must “switch to offensive action and get to them before they get to us.”

Shaul Mofaz at a press conference in Jerusalem earlier this month (photo credit: Flash90)
Shaul Mofaz at a Jerusalem press conference in January 2013 (photo credit: Flash90)

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