Knesset members bicker over which of them supports terrorists

Likud-New Hope comity may have ruled the day when the Knesset voted on a bill recognizing bereaved siblings, but the debate ahead of the vote was anything but collegial.

During the debate, Knesset members got into several shouting matches, with a number of lawmakers slinging charges of “terror supporter” at each other.

Many of the brickbats were aimed at Joint List MK Ahmed Tibi, who was sitting in as Knesset speaker during the debate, and was called a “terrorist” by several right-wing lawmakers.

“That’s the harshest thing you can say,” Tibi responds. “You are accusing Arab MKs of being responsible for murder and killing, you are libeling MKs in this chamber.”

He also accuses Religious Zionism MK Orit Struck of being an avowed terror supporter due to her links to extremist settler groups.

Tibi eventually boots Struck, Religious Zionism head Bezalel Smotrich and party member Simcha Rotman from the plenum.

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