Liberman to Odeh: Why are you here, not Ramallah or Gaza?

Avigdor Liberman to Aiman Odeh: “You condemned Arabs who perform national service. Why didn’t you condemn Israeli Arabs who joined Islamic State?”

Liberman asks Odeh, “Why are you here?” and says he should be in Ramallah or Gaza. “You define yourself as a Palestinian. Go to Abu Mazen.”

Yonit Levy interjects: “He’s an Israeli citizen.”

Liberman: “He defines himself as a Palestinian.”

Odeh: “I think we need a new angle on the whole thing. Instead of incitement, listening. Instead of being foes, being friends.”

He says his list will get 15 seats. “We’re part of the scene.”

Adds Odeh: “About IS – I see them as a fascist movement threatening everyone. We are not against volunteering, we are not against citizenship, but we certainly are against the Defense Ministry conditioning people’s rights on specific kinds of national service.”

Channel 2 takes the debate’s last advertising break. Now we’ll have individual final summations.

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