Likud: Knesset being stolen from us, we won’t take part

The Likud Party says it and its allied parties will boycott Knesset proceedings, complaining that the Blue and White-led bloc of lawmakers “stole the Knesset from the 2.5 million voters of the right-wing bloc.”

The party complains that six committees set up in late night proceedings have left their side of the political aisle neutered, without a majority or a leadership role in any of them, “in total contravention of the total distribution of seats between factions and the accepted procedure over some 22 previous sittings of the Knesset.”

“The right-wing bloc will not aid and not participate in these undemocratic discussions and votes which ignore 58 MKs chosen by the people,” the party says, accusing the other side of “bullying.”

There is no immediate comment from the Yamina, Shas and UTJ parties, which are aligned with Likud.

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