MA religious leaders decry ‘senseless killing’

Religious leaders in Massachusetts, where terror victim Rabbi Moshe Twersky grew up, issue a joint statement denouncing the Tuesday terror attack at the Har Nof synagogue.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Metropolitan Methodios of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston and the Rev. Laura E. Everett, executive director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches write: “The senseless killing of people in any place must always be denounced, but that these brutal attacks in the synagogue in Jerusalem should have occurred against innocent, unarmed worshippers deserves only the strongest possible condemnation.

“Our prayers go out to those who were wounded and are fighting for their lives and to all those devastated by this attack, especially the families of those who were murdered today. In a particular way, we are conscious of the death of one of our neighbors from Boston, a member of a distinguished Jewish family, Rabbi Moshe Twersky.”

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