Macron to push for resumption of peace process on Israel visit, US still has hope

French President Emmanuel Macron will call for the “resumption of a genuine peace process,” for the creation of a Palestinian state, and “halting the colonization” of the West Bank, while visiting Israel on Tuesday, his office says.

“The only way to be useful is to one, show solidarity to Israel; two, make commitments against terrorist groups very clear; and three, to open up a political perspective,” Macron’s office says ahead of the trip.

At the White House, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby says the US has not given up a two-state solution or normalization with Saudi Arabia.

“We still believe in the promise of a two-state solution. We’re still going to work on that,” he says.

“A key to eventually getting a two-state solution is normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia and we’re still going to work on that as well,” he adds.

The off-the-cuff comment seems to be the first time a US official has drawn a causal relationship between Saudi normalization and a two-state solution.

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