Nathavaree Mulkan among the 11 foreign nationals released from Gaza

Nathavaree Mulkan. (Courtesy)
Nathavaree Mulkan. (Courtesy)

Nathavaree Mulkan is among the 11 foreign nationals who were released earlier today in a separate deal from the one that brought 13 Israelis back home, Channel 12 reports.

Ten of the foreign nationals, including Mulkan, are from Thailand. One of them, Jimmy Pacheco, is from the Philippines.

Mulkan is the only woman among the foreign nationals released today.

She was falsely rumored to have been pregnant and to have given birth to a baby in Gaza.

The 11 foreign nationals have arrived at Shamir (Assaf Harofeh) Medical Center in Be’er Yaakov for evaluation by medical staff.

The hospital reports that all 11 of them are in good condition.

The foreign nationals are welcomed by diplomats from Thailand and the Philippines as well as representatives from the Israeli government.

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