Obama: I will veto any attempt to sink deal

US President Barack Obama says that he will veto “any legislation” passed by Congress that stands against nuclear deal with Iran.

“I will veto any legislation that prevents the successful implementation of this deal,” Obama says.

“Every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off. The international community will be able to verify that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not achieve a nuclear weapon,” he adds.

According to Obama, the deal ensures that “Iran will not produce … the material necessary for a nuclear bomb,” and that even though it currently has a uranium stockpile that can produce 10 nuclear weapons, the accord will ensure that the stockpile will be shipped abroad.

“This agreement is not built on trust, it is built on verification. Inspectors will have 24/7 access to Iran’s key nuclear sites,” Obama says.

“If Iran violates the deal, all the sanctions will snap back into place. Iran must complete key nuclear steps before it receives new sanctions relief,” he adds.

According to Obama, the lack of an agreement with Iran would encourage other countries in the Middle East to seek their own nuclear weapons.

“Consider what happens in a world without this deal. Without this deal there would be no agreed upon limitations on Iran’s nuclear program. No deal mean no lasting constraints on Iran’s nuclear program. Such a scenario would make it more likely that other continues would begin their own nuclear programs,” Obama says, adding that such a prospect would fuel an arms race in “one of the most volatile regions of the world.”

“No deal means a greater chance of more war in the Middle East,” he says.

Obama also notes that if a deal is violated, future US presidents would have “the same options” available to them as are currently available to him.

“Our national security interests depend on preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” he adds.

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