PM warns Hezbollah: Don’t play with fire

Prime Minister Netanyahu, speaking at a conference of ambassadors and diplomats marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day, refers to the deal taking shape between world powers (led by the US) and Iran, as well as to the two rockets that landed in the Golan Heights earlier on Tuesday.

Netanyahu says his job as prime minister of Israel is to make sure there will not be any more existential threats against the country and that there will never again be a reason to establish memorial sites like the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum.

The prime minister adds that the deal would leave Iran with the capability to arm itself, first with a single, then with several nuclear weapons.

“We cannot live with such an agreement,” says Netanyahu. Referring to the rocket attack on the Golan Heights, Netanyahu says whoever decides to challenge Israel will realize Israel is well-prepared to respond.

Israel, Netanyahu says, sees the attack from Syrian territory as very serious. He warns: “They who play with fire – will be hit with fire.” Earlier, sources in the security establishment said Hezbollah was behind the rocket attack.

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