Police could open criminal probe into Labor MK for blocking road, lighting fire at protest

Police are looking into the possibility of opening a criminal investigation into Labor MK Naama Lazimi over allegations related to her activity at a raucous protest against the government in Tel Aviv Saturday night.

According to reports in several Hebrew media outlets, Tel Aviv Police are seeking permission to probe the left-wing lawmaker after she was part of a group of protesters and family members of hostages who blocked the Ayalon Highway and lit a bonfire on the busy road.

In footage and photos from the protest on Saturday, Lazimi can be seen with a group blocking the Ayalon and adding a match or piece of wood to a bonfire.

On X, Lazimi writes that “if protesting on behalf of the hostages is something that is investigated by the police, then get ready for interrogation rooms full to the brim with a dedicated public and with members of Knesset who have not lost their conscience.”

“Ben Gvir, I’m not afraid of you,” she adds, addressing the far-right minister who oversees the Israel Police.

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