Report: Hamas agrees Israel can commit to ending war in second stage of hostage deal, not first

Israel will not be required to commit to a total ceasefire in Gaza during the first stage of the hostage release and truce deal with Hamas and will only need to commit to doing so in the second stage, a Palestinian official tells Army Radio of the proposed deal’s outline.

The official — who is not named in the report –adds that Hamas would accept this option as an acceptable compromise and that it could be “a real opportunity to reach an agreement.”

The official adds that the proposal to require Israel’s commitment to ending the war only in the second phase of the deal was “unanimously accepted by Hamas and the other factions.”

If Israel were also to agree to the suggestion, “both sides would be on the verge of an agreement,” he tells Army Radio.

The countries that have been serving as mediators during the ongoing talks — namely Egypt, Qatar and the US — will serve as guarantors to ensure that Israel upholds its commitment, the official adds.

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