Report: Israel’s security establishment investigating oil spill

Israel’s security establishment is investigating the oil spill off Israel’s coast, Channel 12 reports.

The network says The Environmental Protection Ministry has handed over its report on the matter to intelligence and security bodies which are now reviewing its findings.

Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel insisted earlier today that a huge oil spill that polluted most of the country’s beaches was an Iranian terror attack on Israel, despite having said in an interview yesterday that she didn’t believe the spill was deliberate.

Gamliel contended that the spill, which forced the closure of beaches along Israel’s Mediterranean coast, was directly caused by Iran, even as defense officials have said it was not deliberate but rather a malfunction.

The ministry has blamed a Libyan-owned ship, the Emerald, for the spill, saying it was smuggling crude oil from Iran to Syria at the time of the spill.