Top army general’s car assaulted by Haredi protesters in Jerusalem, he pulls gun

The commander of IDF Ground Forces was assaulted by Haredi protesters earlier as his vehicle came by their protests near Jerusalem’s main entrance.

The vehicle was attacked by the protesters, and according to media reports Strick, who felt he was in danger, pulled out a handgun, which he did not use. Policemen helped open up a path and the car departed.

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi condemns the “wild and unbridled behavior toward the commander of ground forces” Maj. Gen. Yoel Strick.

Maj. Gen. Yoel Strick in an undated photograph. (Israel Defense Forces)

He says Strick “has worked for years to defend the country and its citizens, including citizens from the group that behaved violently in the incident.”

The protests have now ended and all roads in the area have reopened. Police say three policemen were wounded, with two requiring medical care.

Two protesters were arrested.