US unable to say if it could try to rescue hostages

Jacob Magid is The Times of Israel's US bureau chief

Asked whether US President Joe Biden is considering sending American troops into Gaza to recover the hostages being held by terror groups in the enclave, White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby says, “We just don’t have enough info to make decisions like that.”

The comment indicates that the US does not know the captives’ whereabouts.

“We’re in discussions not only with the Israelis about what hostage recovery could look like but with other allies and partners in the region. There are some countries, like Qatar, that have open lines of communication with Hamas,” Kirby says, indicating that Washington is in touch with Doha about the issue.

“We’re casting the net wide, as you would expect we would. We want to get all these hostages back with their families, particularly the American hostages,” he says.

US Vice President Kamala Harris says she is “completely outraged” by what took place in Israel.

“We are looking at extreme acts of terrorism that must be condemned in no uncertain terms,” Harris says in remarks to reporters after landing in Charleston.

“The president and I take very seriously our commitment to Israel and the people of Israel,” she adds.

“One of our highest priorities, of course, is the safety and well-being of American citizens, and that will continue to be,” Harris says.

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