Palestinian cleric says US, Israel try to control Arabs’ mood with drugs

Anti-Semitic tirade aired on official Palestinian TV includes bizarre moments of praise for Israeli, Jewish scientific achievements

Palestinian cleric Imad Hamatu speaks on PA television. (Screen capture MEMRI)
Palestinian cleric Imad Hamatu speaks on PA television. (Screen capture MEMRI)

A Palestinian cleric alleged that the US and India are involved in a global plot to harm Muslims and Islam through the use of narcotics, while pointing the main finger of blame at Israel, in a tirade mixing classic anti-Semitism with bizarre expressions of esteem for the Jewish State’s achievements.

Cleric Imad Hamatu began his address, which aired on Palestinian Authority TV last week, by calling on Muslim not to take allies among the Jews and Muslims.

In his address, translated and edited by the NGO Middle East Media Research Institute, Hamatu called Israel an “alien state and cancerous tumor.”

He lamented that “many intellectuals are now talking about coexistence with it, and about extending a hand in peace, saying that Israel is a part of the region.”

Hamatu notes that the Arabs and Palestinians have “started listening to Arab Idol and similar shows, which originated in the West and were marketed in an Israeli packaging, so that our sons would accept them, and we would engage in those televised contests, to the point that our minds and our culture began to coexist with that occupier. They Judaized the land, then the culture, and the danger now is that they will Judaize the Arab mind.”

He said the Jews and Israelis’ “mode of operation has always been to spread corruption upon the land.”

The Jews, Hamatu continued, “own the media, the finances, and the press. They are behind all plans.”

He subsequent comments seem to be complimentary: “5.5% of Israel’s budget goes toward scientific research. They have reached outer space and have obtained the secrets of all the countries. They have managed to put the media to good use.”

Hamatu’s address goes on a tangent into some bizarre and conspiratorial allegations:

What have the [Jews] been doing in order to spread this corruption? They have methods that they have put into use: First, they instigate unrest and domestic wars in the Arab world. Second, they spread sectarian fanaticism in the [Arab] family, home, and country. Then, they spread corruption, prostitution, and sex. There is a unit in the global American intelligence agency, which is called “the Unit for Controlling the World’s Mood.” What do they designate for Gaza, Jordan, and the Levant? Tramadol, narcotic pills, sex, the soccer of Barca and Real Madrid, fashion houses… They pump it for hours through the media. An economy expert told me that the Tramadol is manufactured in special factories in India, then it is shipped to Israel, and from Israel, it is spread, through the Sinai, to the entire region. [This is the work of] “the Unit for Controlling the World’s Mood.” [They control] what you and your children think.

He laments that “our nation” – it is unclear whether he is referring to the Palestinians or to the pan-Arab “ummah” – “today is at the tail end of the list: We have no science and no education.”

Then his address returns to seeming praise: “At a time when 32 Israeli scientists have won the Nobel Prize in various scientific fields, only six Arabs have received these accolades. Why is our nation backward?”

His answer to this rhetorical question: “Because we follow the Israelites in the exact way Allah has warned us against.”

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