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Podcast: Author Faye Kellerman talks books, crime and characters

The bestselling crime writer discusses ‘The Hunt,’ the last in her Decker/Lazarus series

Welcome to Times Will Tell, The Times of Israel’s weekly feature podcast.

This week we’re speaking to bestselling author Faye Kellerman about her latest book, “The Hunt,” the final installment in her Decker/Lazarus series, coming out next month.

Like all of Kellerman’s books, there’s some intense drama, plenty of crime, punishment and suspense in “The Hunt,” as well as the usual details about the observant Jewish life led by Kellerman’s beloved characters, Detective Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus.

Kellerman speaks about her writing career, what led her to this series and why she chose to bring so much of her own lifestyle to her characters.

She discusses what it’s like to write about detective work now, as opposed to 30 years ago, and what her different characters teach readers about life and decisions.

Kellerman, soon approaching her 70th birthday, talks about what she’s doing with her life now as a parent and grandmother, and whether or not she’ll be saying goodbye forever to Detective Decker and his beloved wife, Rina.

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