RELEASED: Margalit Moses, 78: Cancer survivor freed from Gaza

Hamas filmed her capture from Kibbutz Nir Oz on October 7

Margalit Moses (Courtesy)
Margalit Moses (Courtesy)

Margalit Berta Mozes was released on November 24 as part of a temporary ceasefire deal brokered by Qatar and the United States between Hamas and Israel.

78-year-old Margalit Berta Mozes was in her Kibbutz Nir Oz home on the morning of October 7 when Hamas rampaged through the village, murdering and kidnapping its residents.

Mozes and her close neighbor and ex-husband Gadi Mozes were both taken to Gaza, where Gadi presumably remains.

Margalit also holds German citizenship and the couple’s children met with Chancellor Olaf Scholz in an attempt to gain his support to pressure Hamas to free the hostages.

Mozes beat cancer but suffers from diabetes and fibromyalgia. Her ailments don’t dissuade the proud grandmother from travel and adventure, including a recent sailing trip in Norway.

She was a professional educator for 25 years, but later became the treasurer of the Nirlat paint factory, located at the kibbutz.

Mozes’s capture by terrorists was filmed and disseminated by Hamas, but she is most often pictured knitting for her three children and 10 grandchildren, with whom she enjoys hiking in nature.

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