Robber shot after ramming through checkpoint in north

Robber shot after ramming through checkpoint in north

Police open fire on suspects, one critically injured; one officer lightly wounded by vehicle; stolen valuables found in car

A group of suspected robbers burst through a temporary police checkpoint in the north of Israel early Tuesday afternoon, injuring a police officer, before crashing and attempting to flee on foot. One of the suspects was then critically wounded by police gunfire and the others surrendered.

The incident occurred along Route 85, a major east-west highway running from Acre to the Sea of Galilee. The suspects, described by authorities as Tiberias residents in their 20s, are known to the police.

The injured man, 25, who was shot in the head, was transferred in critical condition to Ziv Medical Center in Safed for treatment.

The injured policeman, who was run over by the fleeing vehicle, was moderately wounded and was treated at the scene.

The four men are suspected of being behind a string of robberies in the Safed and Hatzor area.

Missing valuables, including jewelry, were found in the vehicle.

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