Salespeople get their own industrial revolution with drudge work automated

Hallmark signs on to start-up Pepperi’s tablet-based sales and merchandising solutions

Pepperi interface (Courtesy)
Pepperi interface (Courtesy)

Throughout the years, as the Industrial Revolution gave way to the Information Revolution, most people have had the perception that some jobs will be safe from automation. You might, for example, be able to automate simple banking transactions like deposits and withdrawals – but other jobs, like sales, where a personal touch is required, would always be around.

But it turns out that many, if not most, tasks of the salesperson can be automated, and at the forefront of that movement is an Israeli company called Pepperi.

A leading Mobile Sales Automation company, Pepperi, said CEO Ofer Yourvexel, lets salespeople do what they do best – sell.

“We automate a lot of the ‘drudge work’ – filing, typing, downloading and filling out forms, and keeping track of orders and fulfillment, that many salespeople get bogged down on,” said Yourvexel. “Now that the drudge work is out of the way, the salesperson can concentrate on helping the customer with their strategy, merchandising, and more.”

A cloud-based sales suite, Pepperi takes reams of papers, volumes of order books, and suitcases full of samples and puts them all on a tablet, allowing salespeople to easily show off products, order them for customers, check their location, and automatically organize a sales campaign for a customer. Using high-res images, movies, and attachments, Pepperi’s technology lets salespeople work online or offline, automatically updating a customer account when they connect online again. Meanwhile, the entire catalog is available, so salespeople meeting their business to business customers are always prepared to sell.

Pepperi operates in about sixty countries and has over 1,000 top B2B customers – among them Hallmark, the world’s largest maker of greeting cards and personalized gifts. “Hallmark offers a very good idea of how out system helps to streamline sales operations,” said Yourvexel.

Ofer Yourvexel (Courtesy)
Ofer Yourvexel (Courtesy)

“Hallmark has two types of field workers – salespeople and merchandisers. The salespeople introduce new cards to store owners and close deal on which cards to stock, etc. The merchandisers are the ones who make sure that the right cards are in the right position and slots in the stores, that they are properly displayed, etc. With our technology, Hallmark can unite both tasks and have the same person do both jobs,” he said.

According to Carl Harrison, European IT director of Hallmark International, “we wanted our next sales suite to be a true mobile-first solution, configurable to support the different workflows of our various operations – and one with proven field success for enterprises. Pepperi was the only player to meet our stringent demands and to provide the ability to run mobile merchandising and order taking from one secure sales suite.”

“The disruption of cloud, mobile and multi-channel B2B sales is in its infant stages,” said Yourvexel. “We are honored that the iconic Hallmark brand has chosen to partner with Pepperi in the journey to exploit the benefits of this shift in business. The addition of another world-class organization to our growing list of enterprise customers demonstrates that Pepperi is the sales and merchandising solution of choice for leading brands and wholesalers.”

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