Silverman sisters talk adoption on ‘The View’
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Silverman sisters talk adoption on ‘The View’

Comic Sarah Silverman appears on talk show to promote rabbi sister Susan’s new book and organization, but claims much of the spotlight

Renee Ghert-Zand is a reporter and feature writer for The Times of Israel.

Comedian Sarah Silverman (left) appears with sister Rabbi Susan Silverman on 'The View,' May 26, 2016. (YouTube)
Comedian Sarah Silverman (left) appears with sister Rabbi Susan Silverman on 'The View,' May 26, 2016. (YouTube)

On tour for her new book about adoption, Rabbi Susan Silverman appeared on “The View” Thursday together with her sister Sarah Silverman, where talk of the younger sister’s comedy career dominated the interview.

Silverman has been traveling the past couple of weeks, doing book signings and media interviews (including this one with Terry Gross for NPR’s Fresh Air) for her memoir, “Casting Lots,” about her decision to adopt two sons from an Ethiopian orphanage. Silverman, who lives in Jerusalem and is active with Women of the Wall, also has three biological daughters together with her husband, solar energy entrepreneur Yosef Abramowitz.

In her memoir, Silverman delves into her own personal and family past in search of clues pointing to her eventual passion for trying to help the world’s 8.2 million parentless children through adoption. Concurrent with the publication of her book, Silverman has launched an NGO called JustAdopt focusing on the global orphan crisis and promoting international adoption.

“My job in the world is to tell people about adoption and the orphan crisis. I am worried about systems that prevent international adoption, ones that sacrifice kids on altars like cultural heritage preservation or anti-colonialism,” Silverman told The Times of Israel earlier this year.

The conversation on “The View” focused more on Sarah Silverman’s comedy career and love life than on her older sister’s book. Only one-third of the six-minute segment was devoted to discussion of the memoir and the topic of adoption. However, the hosts did ask the rabbi about why she wanted to adopt, and about the “adoption cliff,” a term used to describe the precipitous drop in international adoptions in recent years.

The audience, however, did not get to hear more about Silverman’s life in Israel, and about the joys and challenges of raising a multiracial Jewish family.

But, as they say, all publicity is good publicity. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a famous sibling, or to be on a nationally broadcast talk show with millions of viewers — if only for a few short minutes.

Host Whoopi Goldberg said she had read Casting Lots and liked it, so that may translate into some sales. But those wouldn’t be among the people in the studio audience. Everyone present went home with a free copy of the book.

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