Son arrested for murder of 80-year-old father in Hadera

Media outlets say that police arrived at apartment while suspect was trying to strangle and stab his mother, who was rescued unharmed

Police working at the site of a suspected murder in Hadera on August 27, 2023. (Israel Police)
Police working at the site of a suspected murder in Hadera on August 27, 2023. (Israel Police)

An elderly man was found dead in an apartment in Hadera on Sunday in what police suspect was a violent murder by his son.

According to police, they were called to an apartment in the northern city on Sunday afternoon following a report of an incident of violence. Upon arrival, they said, they discovered the body of an 80-year-old man.

First responders said that when they arrived at the apartment the man was unconscious and showed no vital signs, and they confirmed his death at the scene.

Police said they arrested a man at the scene who is suspected of involvement in the killing. He was the 43-year-old son of the man who was killed.

The Kan public broadcaster reported that neighbors heard screams coming from the apartment and called police.

Officers who arrived at the scene witnessed the son trying to stab and strangle his mother, and rescued her, according to reports.

Ynet reported that police tased the suspect four times before he could be subdued and arrested. His mother was taken to the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in the city to be treated for acute anxiety, but was otherwise unharmed.

A neighbor told media outlets that the the suspect had lived in the Hadera apartment for close to a decade, and his parents were visiting him from France, where they live.

“They bought him the apartment and helped out financially. They would come each time for a month. They have kids and grandkids in France,” the woman was quoted as telling the Haaretz newspaper, noting that the suspect’s behavior had not previously raised any red flags.

Channel 12 news reported, without citing a source, that the victim was found beheaded on the balcony of the apartment, and that his head was later located in a shoebox.

A police source told the TV station that “if police had not arrived on time the son would have also killed his mother — it was a matter of seconds.”

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