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Pick Perfect simplifies daily fantasy sports with straightforward game play

They achieve the first objective by setting very simple game rules. Every week, they conduct an NFL contest. The audience members are required to submit their entries by Sunday at 11 AM ET

Pick Perfect logo (courtesy)
Pick Perfect logo (courtesy)

On the 1st of September, the Daily Fantasy Sports app Pick Perfect was launched to change how things were happening in the industry. Its CEO and founder, Mike Borukhov, was determined to revolutionize the entire DFS industry.

In 2019, one wrong pick caused Mike to lose a parlay bet he’d been winning. He was very sure Serena Williams was going to win the US Open Finals. Unfortunately, Serena lost to Bianca Andreescu, and Mike was crushed. However, as an avid sports gambler, the loss was a reminder: The odds don’t always favor you. Something had to give.

A thorough look at the industry confirmed this and acted as a catalyst for Borukhov. A DFS app that would give the audience better odds was urgently needed. He partnered with his two friends Bryan Price and Bradley McBride, and Pick Perfect was born. Price acts as the company CFO and McBride as the Chief Brand Officer.

Pick Perfect’s vision is clear. First, it wants to give the audience better odds in a simple way while providing them the opportunity to potentially win more money than ever before. As their trademark states, they are “Here To Change The Game.” Secondly, it wants to give back to the community.

They achieve the first objective by setting very simple game rules. Every week, they conduct an NFL contest. The audience members are required to submit their entries by Sunday at 11 AM ET. The contest consists of 10 multiple choice questions, and anyone with basic sports knowledge can answer them. A player might get a question like, “Who will have the most passing yards?”

Then, Pick Perfect makes the deal even sweeter. You get six answers to pick from, thus increasing your chances of choosing the correct answer. The person who answers all the questions correctly wins the big cash prize. If nobody wins, the pot rolls over to the next week’s contest.

Entering the game is easy too. Anyone 18 and above can play. Moreover, the entry costs only $20, and a user has the choice to make up to 500,000 entries. That allows any participant to make a lot of life-changing money.

Currently, the contest only features questions from the NFL. Plans are underway to add golf, tennis, UFC, NHL and NBA in the near future.

Pick Perfect’s strategy for giving back is similarly simple. As a rule, part of the prize pool goes directly to a charity in need. The company’s followers and supporters have a chance to give their suggestions. Additionally, the company recently launched its charity Field of Dreams. This is a foundation dedicated to providing top-of-the-line sports facilities for underprivileged youth to promote personal growth and create positive change in the community.

No other sports gambling app or website has done what Pick Perfect is doing, which is proof enough Mike and his partners are succeeding in their mission. At present, the company is legal in 26 states, but the list is growing by the week. Their user base has also experienced rapid growth. Within three weeks of launching, numerous enthusiastic users had signed up, excited by the prospect of cashing in on the big prize. The company hopes they will see more of that in the coming months.

Please visit the links below to download Pick Perfect’s app:

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