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Zara Harutyunyan sheds light on the latest trends in aesthetics in 2021…..Sponsored Content

Non-surgical procedures make it possible for people to get the kind of features they always wanted.

Courtesy of Zara Harutyunyan
Courtesy of Zara Harutyunyan

2021 is all about natural beauty and finding the best in ourselves. People want to feel comfortable in their skin, and hence, medical aesthetics is becoming popular. Zara Harutyunyan, one of America’s leading medical aesthetics practitioners and a national speaker, mentioned that people are increasingly choosing to uplift their appearance, look naturally flawless, and feel confident.

Non-surgical procedures make it possible for people to get the kind of features they always wanted. Zara Harutyunyan highlights some of these trends that are dominating the medical cosmetics industry in 2021.

Enhancing your natural features
People are leaning towards procedures that can make them look stunning without showing prominent changes in their natural appearance. For this, minor treatments with Botox and derma fillers are carried out. These treatments are not time-consuming and can make you look naturally younger, almost instantly.

Preventing issues before they appear
Some people prefer to prevent their skin problems before they start appearing. Preventive injectables like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are just right for the job. People usually get this injected around areas like the forehead, where wrinkles first start appearing. Zara says, “Such a treatment is effective when performed at a younger age, preferably around your twenties and thirties.” These treatments can help you maintain a younger apparency for a longer time.

Natural-looking lip enhancements
Lips are forever “in” trend. Well-defined and plump lips always look pleasing. Lip treatments are personalized for each patient as per their facial features and lip structure. With the help of Botox and dermal fillers, you can get the kind of natural-looking lips that will enhance your appearance. It is best to get this treatment around winters because the hyaluronic acid used to uplift your lips will also help them stay moisturized.

Making the eyes ‘lift’
Zara Harutyunyan mentions, “Minor procedures can make the skin around your eyes look naturally healthy and beautiful.” Preventing dark circles, enhancing tired skin, and lifting your cheekbones can add that spark to your entire face. People are more interested in getting permanent procedures around their eyes that are low maintenance and can be sustained along with their busy lives.

Opting for Nanofat
A recent and popular alternative to synthetic dermal fillers is Nano fat. It is smooth and permanent and can give your face the natural lift it needs without the use of synthetic injectables.

Zara Harutyunyan interacts with several clients every day and clearly understands their needs. She is not only a respected doctor, but is also well versed in medical procedures. She also considers her clients’ goals and desires. She says, “I would never make my client a carbon copy of anyone else. A cosmetic procedure is supposed to make you more like your best, and only then is it successful.”

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