The dispute is between genocide scholars not organizations

The dispute is between genocide scholars not organizations

RESPONSE: IAGS has not ‘denounced’ the INoGS conference — we aim to foster a welcoming environment

Israel Charny is appreciated for the work he has done in the past for the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS).

However, the views he presents about the International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS) and the Journal of Genocide Research (JGR), as reported in The Time of Israel (Academics go to war over the study of mass killings, June 26, 2016) do not reflect a consensus among the IAGS membership.

Several of our members signed the letter to the Jerusalem Post supporting the Journal of Genocide Research and critiquing Charny’s methodology as well as what could be viewed as an effort to discredit his fellow scholars. Many other members of IAGS, including several on the current executive board, are also members of INoGS.

We publish our work in the JGR and have first hand experience with their rigorous peer review process. Indeed, a number of our members are currently in Jerusalem to attend the INoGS conference.

We have not “denounced” their conference and we welcome INoGS members to our meetings. The “war” taking place is not between our two associations; we have experienced improving relations over recent years and are hopefully moving beyond past squabbles.

This is not to say that there are no disagreements among members either within or between the two associations. We deal in difficult subject matters and often have heated debates about our topics of study and sometimes differing approaches to the ongoing problem of genocide.

But our focus as the leadership of IAGS is to foster a welcoming environment for diverse scholarly debate rather than to represent a particular side in a so-called war among scholars.

Andrew Woolford, current president of IAGS
(on behalf of the IAGS Executive Board)

Daniel Feierstein, former IAGS president

Alexander Laban Hinton, former IAGS president

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