The Times of Israel conversation just got better

The Times of Israel conversation just got better

New ReplyAll tool allows several authors to converse in a single, dynamic article — and lets readers follow the action

Miriam Herschlag is Ops & Blogs editor at The Times of Israel

'Conversations Matter' ( image via Shutterstock)
'Conversations Matter' ( image via Shutterstock)

Intelligent people can disagree, but in an online environment that’s often toxic, the question is where can they disagree intelligently? One answer is found in the kind of lively conversation recently hosted on The Times of Israel about government policy regarding the Temple Mount. This thoughtful exchange saw activist Yehuda Glick, Professor Shaul Magid and Rabbi Yosef Bechofer presenting their views, challenging each other and responding — all in a single blog post.

The Temple Mount conversation developed over the course of two days, giving Times of Israel readers the chance to follow along, fly-on-the-wall style, as the participants interacted and laid out their contrasting views. The conversation was powered by Jerusalem based startup ReplyAll.

Today, The Times of Israel is pleased to announce its collaboration with ReplyAll to host dynamic conversations that will tackle the big issues facing Israel and the wider Jewish community.

The Times of Israel blogs has become the broadest and most diverse opinion platform about Israel and Jewish life. The ReplyAll format advances that vision by enabling different voices to interact with one another and engage in curated, real-life discussions. To start, select bloggers and valued guests will be invited to host a limited number of ReplyAll conversations. Following this initial stage, ReplyAll’s publishing tools will be made available to a wider circle of Times of Israel bloggers.

The interactions will develop live, sometimes over an extended period of time, and readers who wish to follow along and see what happens next can click the blue button below any conversation to stay updated, or click the blue “Let me know…” button below and find out when a new discussion begins.

If you would like to offer feedback or ideas for future conversations, please email us.

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