The Times of YISRAEL #2: That’s show biz…

The Times of YISRAEL #2: That’s show biz…

A standup comic is used to people coming up to him with jokes, but there was this one that should never be repeated…

In his latest Times of YISRAEL episode, everyone’s favorite Italian-Irish-Catholic-born Orthodox Jewish standup comic rants about people who come up to him with jokes, including the most inappropriate one yet.

Yisrael Campbell has performed his critically acclaimed, hilarious, and touching autobiographical one-man show, “Circumcise Me,” off-broadway in New York City as well as all over the world. He is based in Jerusalem.

The series is directed by Yisrael’s collaborator, Gary Rudoren, an alumnus of Chicago’s Annoyance Theater and NYC’s Magnet Theater where he has written and directed many solo shows over the last 20 years.

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