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WATCH: Yehudah Glick praying with Muslims

Temple Mount activist seen in recent video joyfully chanting Islamic hymn with group of worshipers at contested site

A video recorded three months ago during one of Rabbi Yehudah Glick’s frequent visits to the Temple Mount shows the prominent activist for Jewish access to the contested holy site joining a group of Muslim worshipers in prayer, joyfully chanting an Islamic hymn along with them as if it were a completely routine occurrence.

In the short clip, which resurfaced online hours after Glick was shot and critically wounded in an apparent assassination attempt Wednesday, the rabbi can be seen exchanging smiles and an occasional pat on the back with four Muslim men, as the unusual band of believers praise God in unison, even if only briefly.

Glick goes on to call out a Jewish prayer in Hebrew, and the video ends with one of the Muslim men repeating the chant in reply.

Glick has shown some signs of improvement but remains in serious condition after the shooting, his doctors said Thursday evening. Scans showed the emergency surgery had stopped internal bleeding caused by bullets fired at his upper body at point-blank range.

The noted right-wing activist was rushed to the Shaare Zedek Medical Center Wednesday night after being shot four times outside Jerusalem’s Menachem Begin Heritage Center, where he spoke at a conference to promote Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.

Police suspect that Mu’taz Hijazi, an East Jerusalem Palestinian, carried out the attack against Glick. Hijazi was killed in a firefight with police in Jerusalem’s Abu Tor neighborhood Thursday morning, after authorities said he opened fire at security forces who came to arrest him.

Glick has been heavily sedated and is breathing with a respirator since coming out of Wednesday’s surgery.

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