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Wiki founder wins $1m Israeli prize

Jimmy Wales, 5 other laureates, honored for achievements in science, technology, cultural accomplishments

Jimmy Wales. (photo credit: CC BY Jol Ito, Flickr)
Jimmy Wales. (photo credit: CC BY Jol Ito, Flickr)

JERUSALEM — Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is among the winners of this year’s Dan David Prize for scientific, technological and cultural accomplishments.

The Dan David Foundation awards six $1 million prizes annually in three categories: past, present and future.

The prize is named after the late philanthropist Dan David and administered by Tel Aviv University. On Tuesday it announced the winners for 2015.

Wales is being honored for launching the world’s largest online encyclopedia.

The others honored this year are historians Peter R. Brown and Alessandro Portelli and scientists Cyrus Chothia, David Haussler and Michael Waterman. An award ceremony is planned for May.

Previous recipients include former US Vice President Al Gore, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen.

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