Customs authorities in Haifa had a surprise this week when they examined a container, sent as part of an immigration package by a recent US arrival to Israel, and discovered among its contents over 80 commando-style knives and machetes.

The weapons, which were not listed on the shipper’s manifest, are illegal to import into Israel and were confiscated, Maariv reported on Tuesday. The immigrant, 55, was questioned by authorities and, after the incident was widely reported, was dubbed “the American Ninja” in the Hebrew press.

In addition to the knives, the shipment contained other items not listed on the manifest, including two antique pianos, safes and 33 bottles of liquor, which were all let into the country, subject to examination by the tax authority.

The suspect said the contraband did not belong to him, and must have been delivered for shipment in his container by mistake.