Awkward Merkel photo goes viral
Angela's shadowsAngela's shadows

Awkward Merkel photo goes viral

An image in which the PM's finger creates a shadow above the German leader's upper lip produces headlines, smiles and criticism

The infamous image (screen capture: Yoav Lemmer/AFP)
The infamous image (screen capture: Yoav Lemmer/AFP)

An awkward photo of Chancellor Angela Merkel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went viral on Tuesday.

The German leader was in Israel for a 24-hour government-to-government conference, which was full of substance. Merkel reiterated her support for a two-state solution and publicly backed Israel’s security requirements and its demand to be recognized by the Palestinians as a Jewish state.

She also maintained a tough position on settlement expansion in the West Bank, saying it makes a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians less likely.

But the only aspect of Merkel’s trip to really grab international headlines was an image, originally snapped by The Jerusalem Post, of Netanyahu pointing and creating a shadow mustache on the chancellor. One could (and many did) say it made Merkel look like another German leader.

The Washington Post referred to the image as “The most uncomfortable photo in the world.” And Twitter was abuzz, from amused individuals to Al Arabiya, which was cracking jokes:


Some were not so amused. Haaretz’s Anschel Pfeffer called fascination with the photo “stupid, sexist and totally unfair to the Germans.”

We’ll leave it here and let you decide.

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