Bubbe Gigi won’t let you schvitz
Weather 'girl'

Bubbe Gigi won’t let you schvitz

Actor David Krumholtz dresses in drag to play a hilariously obnoxious Jewish grandmother on new weather forecast website

Renee Ghert-Zand is a reporter and feature writer for The Times of Israel.

Bubbe Gigi sometimes talks about the weather. (YouTube screenshot)
Bubbe Gigi sometimes talks about the weather. (YouTube screenshot)

There’s a new weather girl on the screen these days, and she’s not like anything you would expect. She’s Gigi, a hilariously obnoxious Jewish grandmother who is far better at regaling you with her bubbe mayses than at providing you with helpful meteorological information.

As much as she might resemble some real Jewish grandmothers out there, Gigi is actually a character played broadly by 36-year-old actor David Krumholtz (best known for his work on CBS’s crime drama series “Numb3rs”) in drag with some serious makeup and prosthetics.

Krumholtz partnered with producer Barry Sonders and writer-directors Zach Golden and Ricky Mabe to bring Gigi to life on weatherfrom.com, a comedy website.

“So many people rely on local weather reports to tell them what’s going on every single day,” Krumholtz told The Hollywood Reporter. “We thought, ‘Why not make them laugh while they’re watching it?'”

Wondering what the weather is in your neck of the woods? Just type in your location, and you’ll get a real weather report courtesy of the National Weather Service, along with an earful of extremely tangentially related commentary from the oft-foul-mouthed Gigi.

How tangential are we talking about? Well, for instance, a cloudy with a chance of rain forecast somehow reminds Gigi that her friend Irene Feinberg’s granddaughter recently took a trip to Israel with Birthright. “And I heard from what’s-his-name that there’s a chance she might not even be Jewish,” she says. “And I knew it. I knew when she was a baby.”

But fear not, the highly opinionated Gigi is not all negativity and criticism. After all, news that it is going to hail is not all bad. “You know, when God gives you hail, it’s like free ice. So put it in your drink and that way you won’t waste your good ice that’s in the freezer.”

And if you’re in the mood for more than just a single dose of hilarity, you can keep pressing the “random forecast” button and watch other clips recorded by Krumholtz.

Just be forewarned that there are a total of 35 forecasts from the engaging Gigi. Once you let her start schmoozing, she’s like butter, you only want more.


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