Egypt decided to release an Israeli national of Jordanian extraction who was nabbed by Egyptian security forces in Cairo earlier in the week on suspicion of exceeding his residence permit, Egyptian media reported on Thursday.

Abed a-Rahaman Haled Yuj was carrying an Israeli passport and driving license when he was detained. Upon examination, Egypt’s state prosecutor decided he posed no threat.

The man reportedly admitted coming to Egypt to seek work in acting.

In late December 2012 Egyptian police arrested Andre Pshenichnikov, a 25-year-old Israeli, and have detained him since. The fiercely anti-Zionist Pshenichnikov was picked up after he illegally crossed the border into the Sinai Peninsula, reportedly on his way to the Gaza Strip.

In October 2011, American-Israeli Ilan Grapel was released from Egyptian prison in exchange for 25 Egyptians in Israeli jails, after being incarcerated for five months on espionage charges. Grapel was working for an Egyptian NGO that aids refugees from Iraq and Sudan.

Ilan Ben Zion contributed to this report.