An Iranian oil platform toppled into the sea last week, with the rig’s destruction caught on amateur camera.

The incident apparently happened last week but pictures from the disaster were only widely reported on Monday.

The video shows workers desperately scrambling for safety as the massive oil rig collapses into a stormy sea.

The cause of the collapse is not known. Local Iranian media reported that there were no injuries.

The structure, located in Iran’s South Pars gas field, reportedly weighs over 1,500 tons and took 30 months to build. In a matter of seconds, the $40 million platform sank out of sight, dumping construction crews into the water. 

According to The Australian, Iran is now asking for help from international experts to retrieve the platform from its current location 80 meters below the surface.

The Islamic Republic is struggling under severe oil sanctions imposed by Western nations in an attempt to forestall Iran’s nuclear development program.