Israelis all over the world were warned on Friday to be on the alert for potential terror attacks. Counter-terror chiefs said Iran was continuing to sponsor attempted attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets overseas.

A senior official in the the National Security Council’s Counter Terrorism Bureau briefed reporters to the effect that all Israelis overseas are potential targets. Information obtained by Thai authorities during their interrogation of three people, arrested on Tuesday for involvement in the botched Bangkok terror plot, indicates that further attacks are being planned. Reporters were told that Israelis everywhere should be on their guard.

The bureau had no specific information on particular targets, however.

“Iran and Hezbollah are continuing their attempts to carry out additional attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets abroad,” the bureau stated in a public warning on its website. Therefore Israelis should “stay alert, not accept suspicious packages from strangers, and heed the instructions of local [Israeli] security officials.”

Earlier Friday, security was tightened at six airports in Thailand, amid evident concern by both local authorities and Israeli intelligence agencies that  another attack may be in the making.

Thai authorities have said there are distinct links between the three attacks aimed at Israeli diplomatic targets this week — in Bangkok, New Delhi, and Tbilisi — and that there are clear indications these attacks are connected to Iran and its proxy, Hezbollah. The bomber who blew off his own legs as he threw hand-grenades in a Bangkok street on Tuesday, Saeid Moradi, was carrying his Iranian passport.