Next month’s scheduled talks between Western powers and Iran will be the Islamic republic’s “last chance” to change course, said Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Saturday.

Speaking to a gathering of the Jewish community in Singapore, Lieberman said Iran’s ambitions were political, not nuclear. He said that Iran’s goal went well beyond acquiring nuclear weapons.

Iran wants to start Islamic revolutions in as many countries as possible throughout the world, Lieberman told his audience. For the Islamic republic, nuclear weapons are just a means to achieving their political goals, he said.

The foreign minister also said that Iran’s leaders are charismatic and many of them were educated in the best universities in the world, therefore they know to use Israel as an excuse, reported Walla News. But their struggle is against the entire Western world, he said.

Lieberman stated that he hoped the upcoming talks would be positive, and that they would cause Iran to change course, according to Walla.