Publicist and author Amnon Dankner called on State Prosecutor Moshe Lador to consider killing himself following the acquittal of former prime minister Ehud Olmert of two corruption charges on Tuesday.

Dankner, a former editor of the Hebrew daily Maariv and a personal friend of Olmert, was at the Jerusalem District Court to hear the verdict. Following the court decision he vented to Channel 2 against Lador, who was the driving force behind the corruption charges that forced Olmert to resign in 2009.

“After this ruling, the state prosecutor should do more than just consider resigning – he should consider suicide,” he said. “What Lador did was to effectively overthrow the government. He caused a prime minister to resign, he changed the lives of millions of Israelis — a change for the worse, in my opinion — and he did it in a shameful way.”

Other supporters of Olmert have also gone after Lador, though with less vitriol, for charging the former prime minister and effectively forcing him out of office.