Opposition leader Isaac Herzog was released from hospital Saturday afternoon after being admitted the previous evening for a suspected mild stroke.

Upon leaving the Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Herzog thanked his doctors and the medical staff for the care he had received.

“I’m happy this is behind me. Thank you to everyone that called and expressed concern,” he said.

Herzog, 56, felt unwell Friday evening and was taken by his driver to the hospital. He never lost consciousness during the incident, according to Army Radio.

Herzog underwent several examinations and remained in the hospital overnight for observation.

The Haaretz newspaper quoted the hospital as saying it was suspected that he suffered a mild stroke, but that the effects had passed.

Herzog later tweeted a photo of himself, saying that he had undergone tests and was “feeling better.”

“Thank you for your concerns and to the medical staff,” he said.

Herzog, a former welfare minister and son of former president Chaim Herzog, has been head of the Labor Party since 2013, leading it into its current incarnation as the Zionist Union along with Tzipi Livni’s Hatnua Party.