Police called on the public Friday to aid in the ongoing search for a Holon resident missing since Wednesday.

Asaf Salim, 37, was last seen on Wednesday driving away from his home in a blue Honda, license plate 99-976-50. According to police, there is reason to believe his life is in danger, though officials did not provide details about the circumstances of Salim’s disappearance.

Police have asked that anyone who sees Salim call the Bat Yam Police Department at 03-555-5222, or simply call the national police emergency number, 100.

Salim is 1.75 meters (5’9”) tall, bearded, with brown eyes and hair. He was last seen wearing grey shorts, a grey-and-blue striped shirt and flip-flops.

Two American tourists in their 50s were located Friday afternoon after they had gotten lost in the Ramon crater in the southern Negev desert. Rescuers had feared for their health due to the extreme heat in the area, which is expected to reach a high of 42 degrees Celsius (108 degrees Farenheit).

The tourists were suffering from exhaustion and dehydration, but were otherwise unharmed.