Righteous dude gives back NIS 400,000
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Righteous dude gives back NIS 400,000

Kiryat Ata man sees bag with over $100,000 fall from Brink’s truck, races to return it

Illustrative photo of a Brinks armored truck. (photo credit: CC BY SA Wikipedia)
Illustrative photo of a Brinks armored truck. (photo credit: CC BY SA Wikipedia)

What would you do if you found a bag full of cash in the street, knew to whom it belonged, but also knew that you could just take it home and (maybe) no one would be the wiser?

While you ponder this important and character-defining question, consider this: just such a test of personal morality happened to an average Israeli citizen this week, and he passed with flying colors by returning the money.

The news site 0404 reported Monday that Yarden Ben Ezra, 24, a manager of an events hall in Kiryat Ata, near Haifa, left his workplace late Sunday night and was driving home when he pulled up next to a Brink’s armored truck at a traffic light in a deserted industrial area.

When the light changed, the truck turned right, and Ben Ezra saw that the back doors had swung open, and been quickly closed by the guards inside, but only after a bag had fallen out into the street, apparently unnoticed.

Ben Ezra got out of his vehicle and examined the bag, finding that according to the label, it contained more than NIS 400,000, or about $107,000. Feeling like he “was in a movie,” Ben Ezra grabbed the bag, jumped in his car, and sped off after the Brinks truck, honking his horn.

He got the astonished guards to stop, and returned the bag. A Brink’s representative later thanked Ben Ezra, said the incident was being examined, and noted that all of the company’s financial transactions were “100% guaranteed.”

With citizens like that, of course! But, would our Times of Israel readers have done the same? Let us know in the comments below.

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