Runner Olga Lansky on Saturday broke a 42-year Israeli record for the women’s 100-meter dash, completing the distance in 11.42 seconds at the Hadar Yosef stadium in Tel Aviv.

In doing so she surpassed the previous record holder, Esther Roth-Shahamorov, who during the 1972 Munich Olympics made the dash in 11.45 seconds, before the tragic events of those games.

“At the beginning I couldn’t believe the result I was seeing,” Channel 2 news quoted Lansky as saying. “I didn’t expect this result at all.”

Lansky’s previous personal record had stood at 11.55 seconds for the 100-meter run.

The 22-year-old said she wasn’t resting on her laurels.

“I have several big competitions [coming up] his year, and I intend to improve this record again,” she said.

Sport and Culture Minister Limor Livnat congratulated Lansky on her achievement.

“This is an very important and exciting milestone in the world of Israeli athletics particularly, and Israeli sports in general,” she said.