US rep: Netanyahu the next King David
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US rep: Netanyahu the next King David

Tea Party Republican Louie Gohmert believes the Israeli PM should use prayer gatherings to solve Israel's many problems

Lazar Berman is a former breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

Republican US House member Louie Gohmert (photo credit: US House of Representatives)
Republican US House member Louie Gohmert (photo credit: US House of Representatives)

It is no secret that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu enjoys the respect of many members of the US Congress.

But one congressman may have outdone them all in his admiration for the Israeli leader.

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert compared the Israeli leader to King David and King Solomon, according to the liberal website The Raw Story.

“I told the prime minister, I said, ‘I mentioned this to you in 2009′ — we met a couple of times since then, but anyway — ‘I mentioned this to you in 2009 and I want to reiterate it, I think, I’m not a prophet, I know the Old Testament, I know history, I think you’ve got a chance to be one of Israel’s great leaders,’” Gohmert said Sunday at the South Carolina Tea Party convention in Myrtle Beach.

“And Michele [Bachmann] said, ‘He is one of Israel’s great leaders!’” he added.

“I said, ‘I am talking about all time. The big ones. Going back to David, to Solomon, up through Josiah, Hezekiah until the end, on up through Ben Gurion,’” the Texas Republican continued. “’All of the greatest leaders of Israel had one thing in common: They called upon the nation of Israel to honor the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and that has not happened in many decades.’”

Gohmert also urged the Israeli leader to use prayer gatherings to deal with the country’s many challenges.

“And I know you’ve got secularists, and I called off a couple, that you have to deal with here and tell them this is not for you, it is only for people who believe, but I’m declaring a national day of prayer and fasting in this crisis for God’s direction and protection, and for all of those who believe,” he said. “And I said, I promise you God will answer that prayer, the secularists will hear, the world will see, and even people in the United States will see, and Israel will be blessed because of you doing that.”

Gohmert, a tea party movement favorite, is a four-term congressman.

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