Three teens arrested for torching Beersheba judge’s car

Three teens arrested for torching Beersheba judge’s car

Suspect admits arson, says he and his friends did it to prove they were men

The torched car of Naser Abu Taha. (photo credit: Flash90)
The torched car of Naser Abu Taha. (photo credit: Flash90)

Police arrested three minors last week on suspicion of involvement in setting a judge’s car ablaze in Beersheba, authorities announced Wednesday.

The boys, aged 16 and 17, from the southern Bedouin town of Tel Sheva, were detained Friday by police for allegedly setting fire to District Court Judge Naser Abu Taha’s car last Wednesday.

Security camera footage at Abu Taha’s residence caught the three in the act and during a police investigation two of the minors confessed to the crime.

According to Channel 10, the three initially denied involvement in setting the car alight, but two eventually copped to the charges after police showed they had left their fingerprints on Abu Taha’s vehicle. One suspect said they tried to break into the car and, after realizing they’d left their prints on it, decided to torch it. The other said that when they realized it was a judge’s car, they decided to burn it “to prove to their friends that they are men.”

Abu Taha is the first Bedouin district judge and has a reputation for valuing justice and education, according to a report by news outlet NRG. He made history in 1993 by becoming the first Bedouin state attorney, and rose to become a district judge in 2012.

Southern District police commander Yoram Halevi said the torching of Abu Taha’s car required the police to work quickly to find the perpetrators.

“Arresting the suspects within 48 hours and the quick and exceptional gathering of witnesses are testament to the quality of the unit,” he said.

Spencer Ho contributed to this report. 

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