As virus sees few new Israeli cases, a once critically ill 22-year-old recovers

As virus sees few new Israeli cases, a once critically ill 22-year-old recovers

No new deaths Tuesday morning from coronavirus, with total at 258; 13 new infections confirmed as COVID-19 continues to recede; 57 still on ventilators

Afik Suissa, of Ashdod, who became seriously ill with COVID-19, April 2020. (Facebook)
Afik Suissa, of Ashdod, who became seriously ill with COVID-19, April 2020. (Facebook)

A young man who spent over a month hospitalized in critical condition was released to rehabilitative care on Tuesday as three epicenters of coronavirus outbreaks saw significant reductions in infection rates.

Ashdod resident Afik Suissa, 22, contracted the virus while touring the United States in March. He spent over a month at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital in critical condition, but was released to rehabilitative care at Sheba Medical Center on Tuesday, his family said. Suissa had collapsed shortly after returning from the US, and was hospitalized with severe breathing difficulties.

“I got my son back like a gift,” mother Irit told the Ynet news site Tuesday, “and I’ll never forget the ICU team at Ichilov headed by Dr. Adi Nimrod and the managing nurse Iris Berman, who saved my boy and brought him back to life.”

Israel’s death toll from the novel coronavirus did not rise on Tuesday, holding steady at 258, while the rate of increase of new confirmed infections continued to slow, the Health Ministry said.

The Arab towns of Hura and Deir al-Assad, ranked first and second in infection rates in recent weeks, both saw continued slowing of infection numbers. Kan reported Tuesday that just five confirmed cases were found in Hura over the past three days, and none in Deir al-Assad.

View of the Bedouin city of Hura in the Negev Desert, south of Beersheba, on August 27, 2015. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

Third-place Bnei Brak saw 13 new cases over the past three days.

The number of new infections has slowed dramatically nationwide in recent days, Health Ministry figures show. The number of confirmed infections reached 16,526, a rise of just 13 cases in the first 12 hours of Tuesday.

Monday saw four new deaths from COVID-19, bringing the total since the start of the week to six.

A total of 4,312 people are currently sick with the virus, 203 people of them in hospitals. Sixty-seven are in serious condition, of which 57 are hooked up to ventilators.

The ministry said the number of recovered COVID-19 patients had risen to 11,956.

People shop at the Malha Mall in Jerusalem after it reopened according to new government orders, May 7, 2020. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Israel has gone ten days since it last saw over 100 new confirmed cases in a single day.

The country has the lab capacity to test up to 15,000 people for COVID-19 daily but demand has gone down, as fewer suspected cases show up to have swabs taken, the Health Ministry has said. Ministry data showed 8,291 tests were performed on Monday.

Amid the sustained drop in infections, the government has increasingly rolled back restrictions meant to curb the outbreak, opening some schools and allowing many businesses to reopen, and was reportedly planning more such measures.

The virus’s long incubation period means that any new outbreaks that may result from the easing of restrictions may only appear in the data in a few days.

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