Iranian general: Palestinians have longer-range missiles

Tehran claims Hamas is able to strike Israel from south to north

Illustrative: A Fateh-110 ballistic missile, displayed at an Iranian armed forces parade in 2012. ( Commons)
Illustrative: A Fateh-110 ballistic missile, displayed at an Iranian armed forces parade in 2012. ( Commons)

A top Iranian military commander announced Wednesday that Palestinian terrorist groups and Hezbollah received Fateh-class missiles that are able to attack any target in Israel.

Tehran has also provided Hezbollah and Hamas with advanced rocket training, Revolutionary Guard Brigadier General Sayed Majid Moussavi said, according to the Fars News Agency.

If true, this would be the first public revelation by Iran that the Palestinians are in possession of Fateh missiles that have a range of 200 kilometers, according to the Israel Missile Defense Association.

“Considering the range of their missiles, they are able now to attack all targets from southern to northern parts of [Israel],” Moussavi said.

Hamas and Hezbollah’s “missile capability includes a vast, but of course hidden, number of Fateh-class missiles,” he said.

These reports echo similar statements on Tuesday by another Iranian general who claimed that Tehran had provided the terror groups with training in rocket manufacturing — and that Syria’s missile-production plants were built by Iran.

“The Lebanese Hezbollah and the Palestinian resistance have grown very powerful in the field [of] missile production,” commander of Iran’s Aerospace Force Amir Ali Hajizadeh told Fars News Agency.

“The missile production plants in Syria have been built by Iran and the missiles designed by Iran are being produced there,” he said.

Israel allegedly struck weapon depots in Syria last year containing Fateh-class missiles en route to Hezbollah, according to foreign media reports. Israel never officially took responsibility for the attacks.

Uzi Rubin, a missile expert and former Defense Ministry official, told the Associated Press in May last year that Fateh-110 rockets constitute a “game-changer” if they fall into the wrong hands.

Launched from Syria or south Lebanon, these missiles could reach almost anywhere in Israel with high accuracy, he noted in response to reports of Israeli strikes around Damascus.

“If fired from southern Lebanon, they can reach Tel Aviv and even [the southern city of] Beersheba,” Rubin said.

The rockets are much five times more accurate than the Scud missiles that Hezbollah has fired in the past, according to Rubin.

“It is a game-changer because they are a threat to Israel’s infrastructure and military installations,” he said.

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