Israeli boy, 11, has caught 3 different coronavirus strains

Alon Helfgott has officially been infected with Alpha, Delta, and now Omicron; says he’s been in quarantine 3-4 times since start of school year

Alon Helfgott speaking from quarantine with Channel 12 news, January 30, 2022. (screenshot)
Alon Helfgott speaking from quarantine with Channel 12 news, January 30, 2022. (screenshot)

In a relatively rare case, an 11-year-old Israeli boy has been infected with three different coronavirus variants.

After it was confirmed this week that Alon Helfgott from the central Israel city of Kfar Saba is positive for the virus, he has now officially been infected with the Alpha, Delta and Omicron strains.

“I’m fine, feeling pretty healthy, without so many symptoms,” he told Channel 12 news on Sunday.

Compared to the previous strains, which Helfgott said he experienced with pretty serious symptoms, this time he does not feel that sick.

“In the Alpha [infection], I suffered from a high fever,” he said.

Despite his thorough experience with quarantine, the 11-year-old stated that boredom manages to overcome everything.

“My mother bought me some sweets at the supermarket and I hope I get more things,” Helfgott said, adding that around 10 out of his 27 classmates are also currently ill with COVID-19.

“I miss being with friends, because the truth is there is nothing to do. You’re shuttered at home and do nothing.”

Helfgott said that since the start of the school year, he was forced to enter quarantine “between three and four times.”

“I try to pass the time in bed or on the phone. There are really no things to do,” he said.

With his birthday coming up on Wednesday, the day in which he is expected to be released from quarantine, Helfgott made a wish to “stay healthy and not get infected again.”

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