Little Mozart plays the Galilee
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Little Mozart plays the Galilee

Eight-year-old Alma Deutscher is performing at the Voices of the Galilee Festival, wrapping up with ‘The Sweeper of Dreams’ — her first opera

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Alma Deutscher in the recording studio (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
Alma Deutscher in the recording studio (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)

They like to call her “the little Mozart,” and true enough, eight-year-old Alma Deutscher began playing piano at 2 and the violin at 3. The daughter of an Israeli linguist, Guy Deutscher, and his wife, Janie, a pianist and academic, the youngest Deutscher is currently in Israel, performing this weekend at the The Voice of Music in the Upper Galilee Chamber Music Festival.

She’s played in Israel before, and for President Shimon Peres as well. This summer, she’s also presenting a short opera, “The Sweeper of Dreams,” composed by Alma herself.

According to the young musician’s website, Alma began composing simple melodies on the piano when she was just three, and then moved on to writing arias for an opera about a pirate called Don Alonzo. She’s now working on a longer opera based on the Cinderella story.

During a recent interview with Channel 2, from the Deutschers’ home in Surrey, England, Alma spoke in simple Hebrew, telling the interviewer that her ideas for the operas come from her dreams.

It was English comedian-actor-author Stephen Fry who first used the name Mozart when tweeting about Alma.

Alma is being hosted by The Voice of Music in the Galilee Festival this weekend, where the young musician will perform her works during four concerts. “The Sweeper of Dreams” will be staged during the final concert. See the festival website for details.

Alma will also be performing in the final concert of the Crans Montana Classics Music Festival, on August 17 in Switzerland.

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