Cops shove protesters to side of highway as activists refuse to leave

At least 15 people have been arrested for breaking the peace and attacking officers, police say as protests on the Ayalon Freeway continue.

Cops have managed to push most protesters off the actual lanes of the highway near the Hashalom interchange, but thousands of activists remain massed along its shoulders under the Hashalom bridge, some occasionally sprinting across the roadway.

Further down the highway, larger groups remain scattered throughout the lanes.

A police water cannon is spraying into the crowd on the side of the highway beneath the Hashalom interchange, seemingly attempting to get the hardy core of protesters to go home.

Reports describe excessive police force as they look to clear the road. Police pushing people off the road also shoved members of the media “brutally,” Channel 12 news reports.

Police say four cops have been lightly injured in clashes.

Estimates are that police will look to redouble efforts and quash the protest for the night in the next few minutes. Many of the protesters have already left, though a large group remains.

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